Unloading patient at Greenacres Hospital

I got the call at 11:30 to transfer a critical patient from Midlands Hospital in Graaf Reinet to Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth. The patient, a police student cadet at the Graaf Reinet Police Academy, had collapsed whilst doing a 10km run.

After checking the weather on route, I departed Port Elizabeth Airport at 11:54 and arrived at Midlands Hospital at 13:18. The patient was stabilized ready for the flight and we were airborne again at 14:12 arriving at Greenacres Hospital at 15:30.

The road was blocked off for the helicopter to land at the helipad, laid out on the access road to Greenacres Shopping Center. Road landings in busy urban areas have been treated with care, as the general public get over excited when they see helicopters, and can do stupid things.

Landing at Greenacres Helipad

Unloading patient at Greenacres Hospital