I got the call at 14:05 for a report of a truck that was overturned in the Oilfantskop Pass, on the N10 between Patterson and Cookhouse.

We landed at 14:46 on a section of road with a strong camber, but close to the accident site. The driver of the truck was lying half in and half out the truck. He had no open wounds, but was complaining about his back.

The truck driver was moved onto the scoop, then loaded into the helicopter. The N10 road was secured at both ends allowing start up. We lifted at 15:14 from the accident site for St. Georges Hospital.

It appeared that the driver had lost control driving down the pass on his way to Cookhouse. The truck was carrying builder’s sand.

Bell Longranger 206L4, Fuel used – 173Ltrs, Flying time (base to base) – 1.5 hours.