I had only just refueled AEROMED2 from the previous flight to Van Staden’s River Bridge, had a quick breakfast at the airport terminal, when a second call came in for a taxi accident on the N10 towards Cookhouse. It was a quick dash back to the base with my toast still in my hand!

I was airborne within ten minutes of the call coming in, collected the crew at Metro base, then headed for the Oilifantskop Pass, the start of the N10. We followed the N10 towards Cookhouse still we came across the overturned truck.

Landing on or near roads has it’s own set of hazards like wires so a quick inspection of the area of was done prior to landing into wind. I chose to land in the field adjacent to the accident allowing road traffic to continue to use the N10.

Both the driver and the passenger were ok, the driver sustaining the worst of the injuries as the truck overturned onto it’s left side. The driver would have fallen on top of the passenger.

We flew the driver to Port Elizabeth’s Greenacre’s Hospital.

Bell Longranger 206L4, Fuel used ā€“ 186Ltrs, Flying time (base to base) ā€“ 1,4 hours.

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