About Hylton Spencer

I was born on Durban, South Africa and went to school at Westville Boy’s High and Wynberg Boy’s High schools. After finishing school, I studied Industrial Engineering at Cape Technicon. After three years of study, I decided to go my own way, and start a small business building two stroke exhausts. This led to me working in the UK in 1995 for Harris Grand Prix, a privateer 500GP team, based in Hertford.

I then moved on to working for GOOD Fabrications as a fabricator/welder in the Formula 1/Indy Car industry, fabricating race exhausts. The owner of the company, Stephen Good, was passionate about helicopters and flying. Stephen owned his own Hughes 500D helicopter.

In 2002, after becoming bored with fabrication, I decided to learn to fly helicopters. I obtained my private pilot’s license for helicopters in Durban, South Africa, and worked my way towards a commercial helicopter pilots license.

I completed my commercial helicopter pilot’s license in March 2005 and I did a three month stint flying tourists on a game farm in Mossel bay, before joining Netstar Vehicle Tracking in Durban as a pilot. I have worked in Pakistan and Mozambique.

I am now based at Port Elizabeth Airport, flying the EMS helicopter for the Eastern Cape’s Department of Health. It is a Bell Longranger IV, kitted out as an Air Ambulance. I love helping people in need along with flying.


1 thought on “About Hylton Spencer”

  1. Hi Hylton
    Been leaving messages on your phone, please contact me Nigel King

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